WOO HOOO just got my XR650L!!!

hey everyone, i just bought my xr650l after getting tired of jumping through hoops with putting my xr400 on the road. I have a few questions about what I should look for though on the bike. I should have asked these before i bought it but I got a good deal and the bike seems to run really good so I bought it. BUT the bike has 14,000 miles on it, the owner had it rebuilt about 2000 miles ago. it starts good has lots of power, doesn't really smoke at all, none that I can notice. But is this a lot of miles for a bike like this? the suspension seems still really stiff. I just don't want to have a broken down bike with something I could have avoided!

Congrats on the new toy... as long as the the engine was rebuilt and broken in correctly the engine will last a long time.. the rest to look for will be normal wear and tear items like wheel, steering stem, linkage, and swingarm bearings to be checked for excessive play. it all depends on whether it was flogged through the woods or used as a highway commuter. Was the previous owner heavier than you? ..he may have set up the suspenion for his weight. You'll find a wealth of knowledge using the search function and welcome to TT...

CONGRATS for the suspension i would check your sag and try to set it correctly for you and that will tell you about if the spring is right, they might have just tightened it up some to make it stiffer but you really REALLY need to set sag on a bike, HOPEFULLY that spring will be good for you. How much did he weigh and how much do you?

Dont worry bout the engine, specially since it had a rebuild. I would start with a fresh oil/filter change, air filter cleaning, and lube it all up and go ride and enjoy it

all good advise.


Talking about sag, anybody know what the sag sould be set at for a 650L. I asked 4 different people at the Honda shop, and got 4 different answers. I need to reset it after I put my lowering link on.

To make that motor run a long time I would suggest getting more oil to the head, cam an rockers by stiffening the oil pressure spring by 20% an running a new oil feed tube to the head.

look under the oil thread where I posted some info on this.


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