Seal Saver Installation

Has anyone installed seal savers on a 2001 WR426. I know I can figure it out but just thought I might get some suggestions.

I put them on my 99 (same forks) and there is nothing to it. Just take your forks off, slide them on and you can even use your stock fork guides. Someone mentioned in another thread about this subject that you have to use a longer bolt for the fork guard guide clamp but you dont. Just sqeeze it a little tighter and it will fit right over the top of the seal saver.

BTW: I used them for the first time this weekend and looks like they dont a great job of keeping dirt out. :):D

Are you asking about the full length ones or the half length ones?


After riding with the seal savers 3 times and in very muddy conditions 2 of those times I pulled up the seal savers to see how much mud and dirt was getting past and trapped between the seal saver and the wiper.


It looked great. So far I am very impressed with how well these keep dirt out.

who makes them? are they like the lizard skins seal savers i have on my mountain bike(neoprene).

where did you get them from? thanx Mike D.


What size diameter did you get?


The 1 3/4.

They fit nice and snug.


Did you get the long ones or the short ones? I have been contemplating buying a pair. Thanks

Long ones. There perfect for protecting your forks from Chadwick rock roost. :)

The only thing I dont like about them is I got the yellow ones to match my yellow plastic and MAN are they yellow!! They are neon yellow.

I knew I should have got the black.

Whadda ya think Blue or Black long ones? I wonder if the blue is more Yamaha blue or neon like the yellow.

The guy at seal savers tried to talk me into the blue ones untill I told him I had the yellow plastic.

He said the blue ones look great on the yz/wr but if you want to play it safe I'd go black.

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Get your camera out....I want to see a photo before I shell out more green backs...

Bonzai :)

Here ya go Bill.

My digital camera/camcorder is a little fuzzy but it does the job.



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Bill, did you catch my pics?

I wasnt sure if you got to see them or not before this post dissapeared.

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I've been using the the short black ones on my 98' WR for about 2 months now with the same results as Darin. Good stuff!!

I just got the long blue ones in the mail. Not a bad color match. I think they will look good. I'm still wondering if black would have looked better.

BIGFOOT, looking for suggestions...I hope you get some good ones... I didn't want to disconnect everything, so I did it the hard way. Put the bike in gear on a lift stand, chalked the rear wheel, grabbed the forks and lifted the bike while my wife put a 4x4 on top of the bike stand and underneath the bike so that the forks would be hi enough to drop out of the triple clamps. Removed the bolts holding the handle bars so they would dangle when removing the forks. Mine's a YZ250F, so I don't know about the light and odometer. I went through it that way, because an article in one of the bike mags got me worrying about making sure everything was lined up properly after removing the front tire AND forks. So I left them all bolted up...

By the way, I get junk trapped under the seals when riding in the mud. BUT, my seals have not leaked since the SealSavers have been on. I ride where the dirt is sandy like and the sand particles are suspended in the water. Hence I get sandy grit up under my seals that cause the leaks. I've only had one ride in the sandy grit and one in old fashion mud. If my seals don't leak between now and the end of May, I'm buying stock in SealSavers if possible.

I just got the long blue ones. Not installed yet. Pretty good match. Glad I went with blue instead of black.

Just saw them...Sold...I just blew out both of my fork seals yeaterday after a 100 mile blistering ride. It was to be expected though, I've been nursing my left seal for a couple of months now, and it's been a year since MXTuner rebuilt my forks. I'll order this week and rebuild my forks next Saturday....

Thanks Dude...

Bonzai :)

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