TT Loretta Lynn get-together

I have cabin #4 for the VSTA Loretta Lynn ride. I'd like to have a get-together or 2 or 3 at the cabin. It's the last cabin on the campground hill. A white F-350 with a red trailer will be at the cabin.

Let's meet Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings for a campfire and bench racing session. Feel free to bring food to cook on the grill or soup to warm up and plenty of cold beverages.

We can talk and put riders together in ability groups for the following day.

I'll have TT, XDB, Max-Suzuki and WoodsRider signs up to help the internet groups to find the cabin.

Should be a lot of fun!!

For more info on the ride go to:

I'll be there , I'm staying at the holiday inn. maybe I'll see you there.


-robman, stop by. A good time will be had by all...

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