Internal filter screen

I have a 99 XR650L with 11,000 miles on it.

I did a post search and from what I have read it isn't super important to crack the cases and clean this filter.

I do the down tube one and the oil filter of coarse but should I do this one too.

I have the time but I really would rather not split cases if I don't have to.

I ride 90% street and half of that is 60-70 MPH so I really don't want to run out of oil going that fast.

Just looking for reassurance I geuss, like I said the other posts on this topic said don't sweat it.


you only have to remove the clutch cover. pretty simple job. if you get some free time, do it. not super urgent, but not a bad idea.

my 03 has about same miles as yours and i havent done it as when i first got my BRP i asked the same. Alot depends on how the owner has serviced it, one who chages filter and cleans down tube screen more frequently than one who only does an oil change every 5k miles will prolly have a cleaner lower screen. Ill do mine soon just on the incase

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