Help with my new bike, Is it normally noisy!!!!

Hey Guys,

I rode my new 07 WR450 yesterday for the first time. WOW!!! I love this bike.

I came off an XR440 and have to say there is one heck of a difference between the two bikes. Even with the 450 corked up.

I wanted to break in the bike before I changed anything. Now I will do the basic mods that you guys have told me in this forum.

My question is, is the motor normally that noisey? When under a load does it make strange sounds like it is trying to come apart? It idials fine, runs strong, starts easy. I don't find anything wrong with the performance except that it needs to be uncorked.

I don't have a reference to check it against except my xr's and it is a lot more noisey than those.

Is this normal??????:banghead:



Ya I have a 07Wr450 and its rattled like a bucket of bolts since the get go! These bikes are built with a lot of light weight materials that dont dampen normal engine noise very well. Titianium,Magnesium,Aluminum etc.... Great,light,nimble bike with gobbs of power.....just a tad noisey!!! I got use to the noise and it hasnt gotten worse....ride and enjoy

From the WR FAQ sticky...

Q: Why does my engine sound like it's full of rocks?

A: There are a couple of reasons for this. One, it is full of rocks, so look for a ragged, oily hole in your case. Two, you've just grenaded your internals...look for the hole again. Three, the most likely answer, is that it's totally normal. The WR engine is noisy by nature. If you've put on a skid plate like the Flatland Racing, or the Utah Sport, it enhances the noise by reflecting it back to the rider. Don't worry, just ride, but still be cognizant of the first two answers. If it really bugs you, you can coat the inside with sound deadening compound found inside car doors prior to installation.

Read 'em, learn 'em, live 'em...SC

The chain slap is another common normal sound that gets some getting use to.

As Clark said, read, ride, enjoy, and stay upright....:banghead:

Again chain slap is a lot of it.Putting some thin padding under the swingarm chain guide seems to help deaden it.

all you have to do is go & ride her...enjoy!

Thanks guys,

I looked in the sticky before I posted this but apparntly missed it.:banghead:

Thanks for the help, I feel better knowing all the noise is normal.

Just have to say again how much i enjoyed my first ride on this bike.

Having ridden Honda for as long as I can remember, I just can't get over how light and nimble this thing is. How effortless and fun it is to ride. :busted:

I haven't had this much fun since I rode**** er, I mean got my first girlfriend:naughty:


A converted THUMPXR

Hey look at the bright side at least it's not as noisey as a crf450 . Those things sound like they will pop any second. And long story made short . That is why I have a Wr450 not a Crf450.....

Just try to ride at a pace where the wind noise exceeds the engine noise. :banghead:

I have an '06 & was concerned about the noise also which got worse when I put an aluminium bashplate on. To absorb the noise I glued some carpet onto it which the car stereo guys fit to the speakers. This helps.


Its a yamaha. I worked the sound check at a D37 race. The yamaha's are the noisiest bikes by far.

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