2000 WR400f fuel problems.

Hi Guys if poss could I pick your brains?? I have a WR400F that up until now has been a joy (honest,well after I learnt the start up ritual that is:mad: ) anyway my problem started when she was left fo a couple of months...

She started fine after a few kicks, left her on choke for a min or so,choke off idle was fine but started p*ssing fuel out of one of the overflow pipes. Gave her few good revs everything seemed ok, gave her a run (fine) put fresh fuel at local station, payed then no start (busy garage everybody watching me:censored: ) 20 min later & well out of breath got her to fire & off again...

10 mins fine riding then engine cut out,2 kicks & off again,1 mile later same again but hard to start (layed bike to one side to clear carb) off again back home. Same thing every mile or so all the way home. Maybe a float problem:confused: any input would be greatly noted. ps sorry if note is long winded but I find the more info the easyer the answer. Thanks for looking Paul

Sounds like the float valve needs cleaning or replacement. Pull the carb and give it an inspection.

You mentioned the start proceedure. Are you using the hot start for hot starts? It leans out the mix a little- never ride with it on.

I agree with above- sounds like your bowl level is out of whack do to bad needle and seat or messed up float.

Possibly a jetting issue although I doubt it. How much of a temp change has there been since you last rode it?

Understand the hot start & so on thanks. Temp was alot colder than last run. Bike was fine before and lives in garage so not to much damp. Thanks for the replys guys

Maybe a float problem????? For sure a float problem. Time for a new needle and seat on the float most likely. Sure is fun trying to start those things when they don't want to start. Good luck

I had the exact same problem with my wr400 about 6 months ago after it was sitting for quite a while, replaced the needle and seat (not cheap!!!) all good now though, mine never really coughed though however about 3 months before that she wouldnt idle properly, pulled the carby out and cleaned with not much success was then talkin to a mechanic who told me: take the seat off, then start her up and whilst giving it some revs choke the air box and open the throttle as it die. Worked perfectly in sucking any sh*t caught in the carby.

hope this can help you out

Took bottom of the carb apart at the weekend found that the float was sticking a bit. Cleaned as best I could & checked seat etc all looked ok. Adjusted float then back together. At first start up she started p*ssing fuel out the overflow so switched fuel tap off & restarted and gave her a few good revs then switched fuel tap back on,fine so far. Let her idle for a couple of mins still fine. Let her sit for about half an hour with the fuel tap on then started her "first kick yesssss" Repeated, first kick again. Quick test ride with no problems. Fingers crossed and many thanks to you all.

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