Cable lube without the tool

hey guys-

can't find a cable lube tool in town at my usual places. how do you guys lube your cables if you don't have one of those lubing tools?

any tips or tricks are welcome.

i know this isn't WR specific, but i just can't bear to post anything in the general forum

I just pull the cable out of the perch and hold it straight up. Using an eye dropper, I slowly dribble a bit of oil onto the bare strands for a couple of minutes. Hold a rag around the housing in case you dribble too fast for the oil to ease into the cable housing.

I Use 10 wt. non detergent oil (or air tool oil).

Disconnect the cable from the perch and lever. Use a plastic sandwich bag (or any bag) with one corner cut just enough for the cable end to pass through. Insert the cable into the hole so that about 1/2 inch of the outer case is in the bag. Use a rubber band to make a leak free seal between the bag and cable outer case. Hold the cable/bag up and pour your choice of fluid into the bag. Work the inner cable back and forth until you see oil come out the lower end of the cable. Clean up the mess, reattach the cable and you are done.

that sounds easy enough. i'll give those ideas a try. the plastic bag trick sounds like the way to go.

anyone else have good techniques?

SXP's way is the way I do it - pretty foolproof, quick, your oily mess is relatively contained to one small area. on relatively dirty cables, I've also washed the cable using the same method before doing the oiling using a degreasing agent - engine cleaner works well, WD40 is ok too, but not as effective on breaking down the gunge that builds up inside the cable.

I use a graphite based oil that has a long needle in the cap, I cant remember the name but its in a green bottle and seems to work good, you stick the needle in between the cable and housing and squeeze in as much as you want, I use it on my street bike too

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