Anybody ridden a VOR503

Hey guys,

I am curious about the VOR503. It looks an impressive beast with tons of trick components straight from the crate. Has anybody ridden one and what is your opinion? FYI I ride a 99WR400 and am thinking about upgrading to an 01 model. The WR is awsome but if I am going to spend $10500-$11000 on a new 426 I want the option of another bike. Your feedback on this forum is always appreciated.


The only time I've ever even SEEN a VOR was at Glen Helen and Lake Whitney. Gordon Ward was the rider and was flying on that thing at GH. However, about halfway thru the first moto, the engine stopped on him and I noticed him walking around as if he were looking for something on the ground. Apparently something fell off the bike that caused it to die. At Lake Whitney, he didn't seem to be on his game as much. He finished somewhere around 5th, 6th, or 7th. The thing about buying a bike like that at this point is to keep in mind whether the company will survive. If you buy one and the company folds, what do you do for parts in the future? It's a very unique bike at any rate.

I have a riding buddy with a vor.

After my husaberg experience, I personally will pass on esoteric dirtbikes.

It seems fast, I haven't ridden it. I can't seem to be able to get off of my wr426

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