N E East coasters on WR450s?

I always wonder things like "Why did that man pick a 1996 Ford Countour to buy as a used car when there were so many other cool cars to buy in the same price range if he only had looked around". Always. Well, I suspect that the answer is "He knew some one with what he knew was a reliable car for the right price when he needed a car". That's knda what's happening to me.

I have access to a like new 2005 WR450 for cheep money with a street title. I have looked at a bunch of other options but seriously, why pay as much or more for a bike that I know little or nothing about to get a little different power delivery or a little quicker handling?

My question though is for those of you on the East Coast (word), especially New England. Do you like your 450 for our kind of riding? Do you race it or trail ride it? Did you have something before it? WHat?

A Good Deal is only good if you are getting something that you can actually use and enjoy. I know there are lots of guys who love their 450s but I am particularly interested in what the New Englanders and East Coasters think about these bikes in the snotty, rocky, muddy Eastern Forest.



I'm very happy with my 2004 WR450. As long as the suspension is set up properly for your weight and riding ability, you like the bike in all types of conditions. I've ridden mine in tight, snotty, technical single track without much drama. :banghead:

I rode in Mass one time

It was a harescramble near Brodie Mountain

It was rocky, slick sideways roots and hills

Not the best bike for that in my opinion.I bought a WR and kinda wish I got something a little lighter.Like 50 pounds lighter

I have an 05 and like it. It isn't the lighest bike around but it is a good bike.

The tag is a plus. Lots of my buddies ride them too and get around in the tight woods fine.

I really dig my plated WR450. I ride the rocky, root infested southern end of the Appalchians mountains and I plan on racing a harescramble or two this year also.

It's a tad big in the tight single track, but that 450 is a hill climbing tractor.:banghead: I can't get enough of the single track and I have no plans of getting rid of my WR(if that tells you anything).

The tag is a big plus too. There's nothing like riding a race bike on the street or gravel roads. True hooliganism :busted:. Have you ever thought about supermoto?

Will he let you take it for a ride to see what you think?

I ride and race mine in the Pacific NW, you girls over there don't have anything that we don't in regard to tight, technical, nasty, rocky, rooty, slippery stuff..... Were always getting lumped in with the "west coast" and California when people consider terrain :banghead:

The WR is a well rounded bike but at race pace it will kill the average man in the tight and technical... now I said "race pace" and the "average man". If you are a skilled rider using more brains and technique than muscle you'll do OK or if your 6'3"+ and 230lbs and in good shape your OK.

I often wish for a lighter bike when racing some of the gnarlier tight and technical harescrambles but the bike is a dream at the GP's.

For weekend warrior type trail riding the weight is obviously not as noticable and really not a factor in my opinion. Re-springing is mandatory if weigh more than 190lbs. and a good trials tire is hard to beat:thumbsup:

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