A REALLY small question

Does anyone know the size and thread of the passenger footpeg bolts on an '04 650L? One fell off the other day and figure i might save some time trying to match one at the hardware store. Thanks for any replies.

8x16 is what is says on microfiche, so M8x1.25 im assuming as i believe thats about the norm thread count for that size bolt and 16mm long.

heres link to Yamahaoftroy.com microfiche great to have and free to use for 3 makes of bikes


Thanks for the help!

....i might save some time trying to match one at the hardware store.

I've always found that my local hardware store is awesome when it comes to these types of things. Walk in, tell them its metric, and like 5 seconds later they have exactly what you need...... home depot on the other-hand :banghead: worthless!

you just cant beat a local store over a chain for cust svc.

If you have a Fastenal store nearby, they have some of the best collections of metric stuff that I've been able to find. Our local one up in the frozen north (MN) carries not only standard metric bolts, but stainless, allen head, allen head stainless, button head, and countersunk, along with all the combo's of nuts, locknuts, and lock washers, in standard and stainless. I don't know if they are nationwide or not, but certainly in the upper midwest USA. Worth a look for anyone in the metric bike biz...

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