anyone switch from a crf450?

just curious... im lookin to go from my 04 crf to an 06 yz450 and just wanna know any firsthand comparisons or experience anyone has comin from a honda goin to a yamaha:applause:

Raced yamaha's for years then tried an 04 CRF 450 and liked it, so bought an 06 CRF 450 and didn't like it at all, twitchy front end. Sold the 06 after two months & bought an 06 YZF 450 (now for sale). Last year bought an 07 YZF 450, would not go back to the honda any time soon. You'll like the yamaha. The buddy that bought my 06 Honda has since put an new bottom end in & new head on it.

I did the exact same switch, really liked the honda till it came to top end redone at 500.00 (including piston and rings), yamaha has been flawless except for oil filter bolt on bottom, must clean out threads or will strip! have rekluse clutch and love it, but have to change oil more, did like how honda had separate oil for trans and motor though. have not even had to check valves with around 40+ hours of seat time, varying from mx to singletrack. I did have a chance to trade even up for a 06 crf450r and the rekluse kept me from doing it. good luck i'm happy with mine. ps. remember to reroute valve cover vent hose! there are threads on bolt and hose to check out.

had an 02 CRF and liked it, sold it after valves issues and got an 03 YZF loved it. sold it and got an 05 YZF and I am loving it to this day. Starts in a couple licks hot or cold, in gear or neutral. I would not own another CRF with Ti valves.

Yes, I had an 03 CRF. It was great for about 3 months until the intake valve issue that honda says does not exist, happened. I put a set of valves in it and sold it.

Picked up two 06 YZ 450s. One for my son and one for me. Great bikes after the jetting issues were taken care of.

Really happy with the bikes and valves have not been out of adjustment with a year and a half of riding.

I have an 05 Yz450f and a new 07crf450r.

Bought them both new and love them both.

But they are obviously different in handling and running etc.

I find the crf turns easier, but that is compared to the old steel frame YZ.

The YZ seems to have a softer suspension.

My son rides the YZ, he has tried the CRF and prefers the YZ but we just play around in the dunes..

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