I need some help finding a part

I had a litle mistake and need some help. I need the accelerator pump cam and outer spring. Can any one tell me the part number or direct me to some one who I can get it from on a late Saturday/Sunday. I just want to get it coming because I have a ride lined up for next weekend. :) I'm still holding out that I will be able to make it. Any help would be great. I've already been to Sudco and Carbparts.com they do not get this specific in there diagrams, but may have the part if I have the number. Bump come-on guys take a challenge!

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Your local dealer would be able to order these and have them within 3 or 4 days.

www.hlsm.com under Yamaha, then Ronnie's Dirt Bike has full parts diagrams with part numbers.

This takes min 5 days, max 8 days in my experience ordering from them several times with strange parts like this.

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