2006 650R bad kick then no start

Sorry for the long post...

This afternoon I went to fire up my XR650R after it had sat since the beginning of december. After about 3 good kicks it fired and I let it warm up for about 3 mins then as I set the idle it stalled out, happens sometimes if I don't turn the idle up enough when cold. When I went to kick it again I found TDC and kicked as per usual, heard an odd metalic noise and felt as if the gear or shaft slipped on the kick start. Now it will not restart. I have had this bike and ridden it frequently in all temps and elevations and never had an issue starting since i installed the edelbrock. I have a fair bit of small engine experience, but more so with 2 strokes. When i kick through slowly it now feels different, like I am now kicking through twice to hit what feels like TDC where as before it was once. (If that makes any sense). Also seems to have less compression overall as I can now kick it through repeatedly a bit like my KX250.

Bike will not start no matter what. Does not smell of gas and has spark. Is it possible that the cam has slipped, or something to do with the decompression? a broken valve spring? I've owned the bike since may and the only modification to the engine is the edelbrock which was correctly jetted and ran great for the last 4 months in all sorts of temperatures and elevations, with no starting issues. Bike had about 1000kms on it. I am surprised as these bikes are known for reliability. Any ideas on what it might be before I tear into the top end?:banghead::busted:

Wow. That don't sound good.I'm not sure how but sounds like the cam timing jumped. Take a comp test.

Tearing it down today, hopefully not too much carnage:worthy: I bought it brand new in May!:banghead:

id start with taking valve cover off and checking cam chain and timing marks if you dont find somthing when you take it off. That sucks but it will be ok

Didn't happen while the bike was running so I can't imagine it will be too expensive...hopefully, kinda sounded like some sort of spring broke when it happened so possibly the cam chain tensioner or a valve spring is what I'm guessing... I'll let you all know...

IF the cam timing did jump - the piston may meet a valve at the wrong time and that bends the stem and leave it open and thus the feel of loss of compression, although I would think it unlikely on a new bike!

While luckily I jumped the gun on this one! I removed the valve cover and visual inspection turned up nothing, so that left me relieved. I re-spec'ed the valves, they were all fine. Put it all back together and kicked it over and it seemed to feel fine. Rolled 'er outside and started kicking, it gave a little cough like it wanted to run. Kicked for another 5 mins and still nothing.. started getting pissed again.... Turns out when I was trying to get it fired up yesterday I had adjusted the idle on the edelbrock lower rather than higher hence the stall.... then in a moment of stupidity I turned out the idle further rather than raising it which is what I intended to do. Bottom line I had the idle turned out to the point the slide was completely closed.

Re adjusted the idle and she fired right up as always! Took it for a 10 minute rip and all is well:bonk: :busted::D:banghead:

Bottom line I had the idle turned out to the point the slide was completely closed.

Re adjusted the idle and she fired right up as always!

Your not the only one who has done this!!! It's a scary thing when your bike wont start....and its an awesome thing when you realize the "problem" wasn't really a problem at all, and it lights right up!!! :banghead::busted:

Been there done that - such as in the infamous "turn the gas on dummy"....

kill switch for me.:busted::banghead::D

Ya,the first time i put my DS kit on i rode it over to the neighbors and was bragging how easy it was to start before i left. Ended pushing it home. Had the "new" switch off. DOH!!!

Idle turned slightly the wrong way has also left me kicking for hours.

That was a good one, I 've done dumb things like that before. Last year while camping in the desert I ripped out of camp with my choke on and as I got farther away the bike ran worse and worse untill it died. I kicked the hell out of it and finally gave up and headed back to camp on my buddys bike to bring the truck. Driving back in the truck I see my budddy riding my bike around, he tells me about the choke being on. I was releived but at the same time could'nt beleve my stupidity.

We kicked the hell out of my buddy's 650 and then he remembered he had left a pair of old underwear in the air boot from when he was cleaning the air box. :banghead:

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