I can't go straight.

Hey All, I have been having to ride MX tracks since the trails near me are closed in the winter. I have a 2005 WR450. The bike works great in the mountains and corners well on the tracks. The problem is that I have to work hard to get it to go straight in the mud between jumps. I know that my suspension needs to be stiffer for jumping, but have no idea what to do to make my front end more stable. Riding like this is wearing me out.

I have rode other bikes, 250s, and not had the same problem. Thanks for any advise you might have.

I have had a problem like this in the sand. As I understand it the soft surface (sand or mud) acts like a softer spring and can induce instability or even headshake.

The simple fix is to increase your fork compression damping by two (2) clicks and see if that improves the situation. Provided all other suspension settings are properly adjusted. if not then more extreme measures must be taken.

I am not an expert on riding in the mud like many others in the northwest may be so it will be interesting to hear from others.

mud and sand requires a bit faster rebound:thumbsup:

Thanks, I am going to read the manual and try your recomendations.

its also important to shift your weight back to lighten the front tire. Sand and mud will make your front end "wallow" (what you described).

Just in case you didn't know.

Aurex, thanks for the reminder, I will pay attention to how I ride as well as work on the suspension.

Do you mean a speed wobble like this?

... and yeah, that blank space between the tracks is where man and machine went flying .... I found that going slower prevents this from happening again!


mud and sand requires a bit faster rebound:thumbsup:

Uh huh, bro...but you forgot to mention more throttle:thumbsup:

I found the problem. I have a leaky fork seal and weigh too much for my springs. The parts are on order. Just too brag a little, my son won the main in his first ever motocross race. Thank you all for the input on my problem.

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