WR4 gearbox failure?!

I recently bought my '99 WR400 three weeks ago. I was out riding the other day when it started "slipping" in top gear! (damn) I have replaced the clutch without the problem being rectified. So now I'm thinking fifth gear or selector failure, any help much appreciated!!

yep i had the same problem. the new selector forks will be "beefed up".

while you're there check the kickstart return stop. if this is too badly warn you can't repair it. i was lucky i bought a new stop plate.


Thanx a million for your help guys!! Is the selector/fifth gear problem reasonably common to WR4's? There seems to be talk of it here and there.

Same thing happened to my '99 about 3 months ago. I had to replace the shift fork #2 (it was bent slightly, which was the cause of all the problems) and the 3rd and 5th pinion gears.


The dogs on the 3rd pinion gear (#6 in the drawing) had formed little "ramps" which allowed them to slip out of the slots on the 5th pinion gear (#3). It cost me about $150 in parts (2 gears-$76, 1 shift fork-$40 , 2 seals- $10 and 2 gaskets- $36).

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