TM chain slider: new design?

Has anyone tried the latest design of the TM chain slider? My stock one is worn out, and I'm wondering if I should go with the TM. I heard the earlier versions were both hard to install (swingarm removal required) and very loud. But the web page says they've addressed both problems, making them quiet with new materials, and redesigning them to allow easy installation. Can anyone back this up? If so, how much have people paid, and where did they buy from? Thanks for any help!

I didn't know that they changed the design again. The original incarnation required an o-ring to locate the front of the guard properly on the swingarm. Before long the o-ring would work itself loose, but this never caused any problems for me. Also, the top surface was flat, so the chain plates had to wear a groove in the slider, and until the groove got deep enough to allow the rollers to ride on the slider the unit would make a spooky whine. I bought another one about a year ago, it has a tab molded into it that keeps it centered and a preformed groove down the center that eliminated the initial whine. It is still louder than a rubber slider, when the chain slaps against it you can hear a definite “thwack!” I don’t notice it, but on occasion a riding partner will comment on this.

Taking off the swing arm is no big deal, BTW, and your linkage needs grease if you haven't already taken care of that...

But I saw one guy at a race who I suppose would quibble with that, he had removed the side strap so he could install it w/out removing the swing arm. I asked him about it and he said he had no problems, and I could see it had been on his bike for a while.

Anyway you can call TM Designworks directly or get them from Zip Ty racing, Montclair Yamaha may also carry them. They also offer a kit that includes a chain guide and rollers, all for $200. That seems pricey but you will never have to worry about your slider, guide or rollers ever again.

Hope this helps.

TM Designworks: 541-535-1612

Montclair Yamaha: 800-743-3926

Zip Ty Racing: 760-244-7028

Thanks a bunch Hick!

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