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Who to vote for? See who's OHV friendly

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This addresses my only, though longstanding, complaint about the NRA:

Organizations that wish to be truly effective in protecting our rights, liberties , and interests MUST make this a PRIORITY at ALL times, but especially during an election year!!! Why FIGHT idiots if you can simply FIRE and replace them with winners?!!! It is called "Representative Government". Some old farts a couple hundred years+ ago thought it might actually work...

Such organizations seem never to take the clue from their opponents (who often have their way): On a LOCAL, STATE, and FEDERAL level, they MUST ascertain and PUBLISH each candidates position on the relevant (to that organization's members) subject. They should further make public the incumbents' records on the matter.

Suddenly, they just might find they have far more support than they imagine, and, more importantly, FAR FEWER BATTLES TO FIGHT. MOST voters (myself included) find themselves voting ignorantly about many candidates. I hate that! But no individual is going to find these things out by themselves. This should be the PRIMARY function of organizations to which we pay dues and/or support and trust for leadership.

I use the NRA as an example here rather than an un-named organization that proclaims itself to be the Voice and Leader of American motorcycle enthusiasts since they have made it clear that only THEY, through elbow-rubbing and backroom deals, know how to effectively guide the future of this sport, and the rest of us who disagree should find a different sport. (their initials are AMA for those members too ignorant to vote intelligently even if presented with ALL the facts, which they seem to feel is most of us). For them, LOSING is job & fiscal security! 🙂

This is a great original post. Iwould like to see the "scoring" and effective contents of the named bills explained better. I would love to share this with everyone I know!

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