Chaparral Poor Customer Service

I ordered a jet kit for one of my bikes from I've ordered tons of stuff from these guys over the years without any problem.

The kit was not in stock and I called at the time of order and they said 2 weeks. That was fine and I had no problem waiting. 4 weeks later, no jet kit, no contact, nothing. I call and get the run around. I've called every week since and get the same B.S. They told me everything from the kit is discontinued, their supplier can't get it and they have no way to check and my favorite was that it must be stuck on the ships that can't dock in California. I called dynojet and they have them in stock.

Today I cancelled the order and ordered from Performance Cycle in Denver I'll get it in a week. It was slightly more expensive but damn worth it not to go through all the hassles. I usually buy parts at Performance if I'm in Denver and if I can't get down there, I order through Chaparral for convenience.

Obviously, Chaparral just considers my orders a small, insignificant portion of their business. I learned that if they don't have it in stock, don't order it because they will make absolutely no effort to fill the order.


Many, Many, Many TT'er's have experienced that very same problem with them in the past.....You just gotta move your mony elsewhere when that happens.

Bonzai :)

I agree. I am not in any way trying to start a new "Robino" type thread. I was just pissed and know I have plenty companies that are willing to take my money and give me good service.

I didn't realize that others have also had problems with them. I have several good dealers here in Colorado that I can buy from and found out today that Performance Cycle will ship to my house.



I had a problem with Crap-arrel years ago and havn't used them since.

They sent me the wrong part ( invoice showed the correct part but they pulled and sent the wrong number ). They told me to ship back ( at my cost ) the part and when they recieved it THEN they would send the correct part .

I live in NJ so California is 7 day UPS service .3 trips at 7 days , add in 3 weekends makes 27 days !They refused to Overnight the correct part even though they screwed up.

I've also found that other companies prices are better if you search around enough.God bless the internet!

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