another oil question

gday there guys,i dont ask to many questions on here but if any one could help me out, it would be muchly appreciated,im looking for a good oil to run in my 08 yz450,i was recommended to try motul 300v 15w 50. i was just curious as to what you guys think.the temps here get pretty hot and still wouldnt get down below 10 degrees in the winter,summer here is 38 degrees at the moment,cheers and beers.

Its fairly simple, the high quality oils are much better for your engine, and will last longer.

It doesent exacty matter what brand you put in, just as long as it is a type specificly designed motorcycles.

and even then, the cheap stuff will work in a pinch, but you dont wont to leave it in your bike more than a ride or two, because it will wear out much sooner, than a higher quality oil.

Good luck :banghead:

cheers for that michael,i change my oil after every hour so that shouldnt be too much of a drama,cheers again.

Motul 300v is a good oil. In your temp range, 15w-50 is OK, too.

thanks heaps for that also greyracer,muchly appreciated.

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