Whats the new WR450 Like ???

Can any one tell me if the New Wr450 is any good, i live in the UK and we can't get hold of one until Jan03 Ive got a WR now and i love it but its the kick start and it so heavy,

does the new bike feel the same or is it much lighter.

We won't see it hear in the U.S. until December.

Isn't that like asking a man the same question about his new bride...? :)

Hi there, :D

There are some infos on the wr 450 at the Yamaha web site. If the technologie of the YZ 450 is somewhat transfered to the WR, we shall see nice upgrades besides the e-starter. :D

They advertise the bike at $6,399.00 US. Do any of you know how much it will be exactly for Canada ? I still didn't decide which wr it will be. The 02 at $6500.00 cdn or the 03 at near $8000.00 cdn. :)

It reminds me when I got married, but that's another story :D

Good rides , be safe


Motoman, we think of you

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