Heavy front end on my wr450?

I recently bought a new hold over 2006 WR 450.I have not rode in about 15 years so I am out of the loop on almost everything.The bike seems to wash out in the front more than it should. It seems to push pretty bad in the corners.The bike is stock except for the "free mods" we all know about. It may be normal but I feel pretty certain it can be made better. Any Ideas?

A friend of mine bought a new WR and the triple clamps were set way down on the forks; he was having the same problem with the front end washing out. When he loosened the clamps and slid the forks down, the problem went away. There's a small line around the top of the forks about 1/4 of an inch from the top that he lined up with the top of the top triple clamp. Something to check that's an easy fix; if that's your problem.

1. Be positive that you set the sag according to the owners manual.

2. Throw away that junk Dunlop 739 front tire and replace it with a Dunlop 756, Pirelli Scorpion or other high-quality front tire.

It will be like night and day. :banghead:

I was out of riding for 15 years myself, bought a WR 450, a 06 as well. A year later I bought a 00 YZ 250. Much better! The reason it feels heavy is that it is heavy, The previous statements will help, so will adding 20 pounds of muscle on your part.

Taller bars,A better tire and a little more pre-load on the front (already heavy)springs really helped my 650r. And don't forget the rear sag.

Proper spring rate, lower the triples 10mm (second line), set sag, get tall bars or use big bars with big bar adapters, get a decent front tire, and muscle up. Its a heavy bike and carries its wieght fairly high. My 04 was an awesome bike, but it could not hold a candle to my YZ. Check out the WR forum, those guys are great!:banghead:

Remember that the WR is an enduro bike, not a track bike - it's not designed like a YZ for doing 150 foot tripples - if you're lucky you can safely launch 40 feet on one, it's softened up quite a bit since it's designed for a completely different purpose.

If you ride hard, it's worth it to have the shocks resprung/revalved for your weight/riding style. If you feel you don't want to spend the money on that, then dial it in to your style by adjusting it over a period of time - take your time, do it slow, many have had success getting the WR to perform nicely for them after about 1-2 weeks of small adjustments - riding -adjusting etc.

Oh yeah - as mentioned ditch the 739 before you kill yourself!

I started a thread about this too when I thought I was going to die during a my first XC race. I haven't spent any money yet but I DID crank down on the rear spring raising the rear-end and putting more weight on the front tire and that alone with a worn-out stock front tire was like night and day. I'm going to get a set of tires and springs as soon as I'm making $ again and it fit to ride outside. WINTER SUCKS!

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