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5 Speed in a YZ450?

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I am surprised

that this topic hasn't come up already.

Huh?? eyes.gif

Since WR 450 gearsets don't exist yet, not in the US anyway, it would be premature to speculate, but if I had to I'd say the parts would fit.

You may be able to swap a few gears, you may need to swap the whole set, you may need shift drum and fork(s) too. Who knows?

We'll know what the WR weighs long before we know if this swap is possible. I remember when the 520 SX came out it was known beforehand that EXC/MXC gearsets would fit. I've read for '03 the 520 comes with all six primary gears, all that is needed is the 3 extra final drive gears and a shift fork, available in kit form from KTM for $300.

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