fork seals for '02 YZ426F????

my fork seals on my '02 YZ426F have been leaking a lot and its time to re-do them. i haven't done a fork seal job on a bike myself and was wondering if you could give me any tips, maybe pics to help. its so cheap to do it yourself vs. paying a mechanic!

Do you have a manual?

Follow the disassembly up to page 5-30. Once the inner tube is out, you need not tear down further unless you want to do a thorough wash out of the dampers and base valves. You can pick the reassembly back uo at step 6 on page 5-33.

You will need a seal driver. Some have made their own out of PVC, but these don't work nearly as well as the real deal. Drivers run from $40-65. Motion Pro makes them, as do others.

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