WR to YZ conversions

Has anyone here done some of the YZ conversions for weight loss (ie) tank, seat, light removal etc. If so, how much weight can be shaved off ?

I've got a better question:

Has anyone here NOT done some type of YZ conversion to their WR? :)

The major (read: expensive) obstacles to duplicating YZ weight would be the 19" rear wheel (the tire is where the weight is saved), Al subframe, exhaust, and tank (also needs new seat).

I'd imagine all are worth at least one pound, with the exhaust and tire being the biggest difference, maybe as much as 5 lbs. between them. You may be able to find a desert racer w/ a YZ to trade rims with, and used YZ exhausts are in demand but they still pop up in the "parts for sale" section.

The free stuff I can think of may be worth four or five more lbs., removing headlight, kickstand (heavy), coolant catch and plumbing, and other foof.

Sorry, never weighed any of these parts, I don't have a scale.

Hope this helps.

You mean like this?




Bonzai :)

To remove parts make light feeling but become stiffer and stiffer.

So you'll need suspension setting.

Have fun it!

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