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Thing really do happen for a reason

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Kind of lenthy, but a good read...

I was all set to close on my new house. The house was finally 100% complete, all we had to do was the walk through and sign the Title paperwork. 2 days before the Title appointment I get a call from the sales rep. She says I have some bad news. She tells me that my soon to be new home caught fire.

I was certain this was some kind of prank, but yet, it sounded like her and she wasn't joking. !@#$%

So, there I am, less than 2 weeks until I'm supposed to move out of my current home because the guy who bought our old home needs to move in. Unless you experience this kind of situation, you'll never understand the amount of stress it causes. Oh yeah, for those of you who don't know, I'm married with 2 small kids.

We had invested a lot of time, money, and more into getting this house built, with the options we wanted. It was like our worst nightmare come true.

So, now getting to the "Things happen for a reason" part.

We quickly evaluated our situaton and determined that if we were going to still move into a new home before the end of the month we'd have to act fast.

I got my realestate agent to begin searching for spec homes that were ready to move into immediately. I aided in the search and we were able to come up with some options to check out.

We set out to check out the homes from other builders we had on the list. The first one was a model home, nice, but too small. We moved on to the next with a feeling that the entire day would have similar returns. But the second house was kind of a surprise/shocker.

When we pulled up in front of the builder's office we had no idea which of the model homes around us was the one we had seen listed. Most of them looked way to expensive, so our hopes were still down. We reluctantly agreed to look at the model of the spec they had to offer. We walked through the front door of the house without even really paying attention to the outward appearance of the home.

BUT, once we got through the front door, me and my wife's jaws were on the floor. We were in complete awe, speechless. All we could do was smile from ear-to-ear and say wow! This house had everything we like about the home that had burned, but was better in every way imaginable.

We agreed to go look at the specs and were happy to find that the specs had virtually all the same upgrades that the model had.

To shorten the story some, we were able to cancel the contract on the home that burned, get a full refund of all out of pocket money we had contributed, complete the finance paperwork, complete the contract on the spec home, and lock in our interest rate at 6% all in the same day.

To put things in perspective, the new home makes the home that burned look like a dive.

In the end, it looked like it coudn't get any worse, but yet turned out for the very best. We should be able to move into the spec home before the end of month. The best part is, the new home, which is leaps and bounds better, will only cost us $35 more a month. Not bad considering it actually cost us about $12,000 more than the home that burned.


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Yup know the feeling well I do. Had a house built once. By the time they got through the house was facing the wrong way, had the wrong siding on it, and had the washer and dryer wired directly to the pole outside. No breakers what so ever.

It didnt take much to convince them that I could have a TV crew out there faster than they could get it fixed, so my "second" home was way nicer. I got the macdaddy to keep me quiet as it were. Thanks, Maronda.

Enjoy the new ponderosa. Dont forget 5 am is about the earliest the neighbors will let you wake them up loading the truck with the bikes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Wow, glad it all worked out. What caused the fire? My thought as I read your story, was what if the defect or whatever caused it, had sat dormant for a month or two. Then it would have been your new house and all your belongings and the safety of your family, etc. I aim't sceered of too much, nut I really don't like house fires.

thanks for the story.

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It was an electrical fire that started in a wiring box for a light in the attic for the A/C unit. I think they turned on the electricity in preparation for the walk through inspection. The backyard neighbor saw smoke and called the fire department -- otherwise, it probably would have burnt to the ground. I researched it and this is the 3rd home that has caught fire in this developement.

So, I consider it a God send that.. 1) we weren't living in the home when it happened, and 2) we were able to see the light about this builder and had an opportunity to get out of our contract.

All I can say is that the builder is very lucky that I needed to cancel the contract, otherwise, I'd be suing the crap out of them.


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