What oil in Australia

What oil is everyone runing in there bike in Australia ? ? ? ? that yamahalube is just to dear

Pete.. :)

Hi Pete,

I use shell VSX4 in my 99WRF. It is a fully synthetic oil and at $45/4L is kind of dear. Because it is synthetic, only use it if your bike is properly run in. Sidetrack ran their West Coast to East Coast WRF on VSX4. Everything bar 4th gear was in spec after 10,000 k's.

Don't be miserly on oil quality. What is a few buck's when you are protecting the internals of a $10500 dirtbike? Cheers.



I too use Shell VSX4 in my WR426. I change the oil at ~ 800km.. seems to work well at 4000km.

I re-clean filters about 4 times then replace.



I run VSX4 in my KTM, but I was able to get a 20L drum from my regional depot for $120. Way cheaper than $10-$15 per litre straight from the shop. I'm sure in the city (if that's where you are) you could arrange something similar.

I was going to start running mobil 1 through it but i dun a search and couldent figure out if the australian mobil 1 is the same as the american ive got 1000k's on my 2001 WR and have changed the oil 3 times and its hard to get yamaha lube where i live so i want something else to run through it

I am still running dino oil, but plan to move to synth at 600-800km's... I run Shell at the moment, but will be getting a 20l drum of something when changing to synth, it really does cut down the cost per litre... even regional centres and country towns have petrol distributors, and they can usually get a decent brand of oil... flick through the local phonebook... Yamalube 20l drums are not available in Australia, so my dealer told me... I can get a 44 gallon drum of it though... lifetime supply of oil!

Try the Yamaha marine places nearby as another option, they also push the Yamalube for the outboards, and they may be able to get you a good price...

I use the Gold cap Mobil-1 in my car, it is 5-50W, but is NOT the same as the redcap 15-40W that the US guys talk about... I have not seen the red cap stuff up here in QLD, perhaps southern states get it...

Good luck... buy quality, and buy a decent quantity to save some bucks... you will use it if you buy it...


I ran Shell VSX4 in my 2000 XR400 for 17,000 kms then I sold the bike, engine still in v/good condition and using no oil!! So I definitely say I will use it in my new '99 WR4-once it's gearbox is rebuilt. (damn)

i have been runing mobil 4T in my 98 WR for the past year or so,also have it in my brothers 01 and 02 520 and a mates WR 246 and a YZ 250f. All of which i maintain they run sweet on this oil its a fully synthetic 15w 50 (i think) it specificaly designed for bikes imnot sure of the $$$ as i get it in bulk

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