lost a side plug in the sand... what to check?

hey guys... i lost the plug/cover pictured below in the sand at Dumont. i'm not sure on how long i ran without it but i didn't notice oil/sand on my boots untill the last day after about a 25 mile ride. what all should i check? i'm gonna take that side cover off but i'm not sure where the sand may have gotten into. thanks...

Edit: this is on my 07...


I would pull the whole stator cover off and look for sand. And flush the whole engine out with like diesel fuel or gas then a new oil filter and oil reprime run it for 10 minutes and dump that oil. check the new oil for sand .repeat if needed

ok... thanks tweav :banghead:


ok... my dad wasn't to sure about me running gas or diesel through to flush it. heres what i'm thinking... 1) Drain the oil (2) take the side cover off and remove any sand (3) replace oil and filter (4) repeat steps 1 and 3

does this sound about right? i'd like to flush it with something besides oil but i'm not sure how to go about it...

I like the idea of removing any sand you can before anymore engine run time. Cost of only a few gaskets,oil and filters at worst. I agree that the deisel or kerosene is the best way to flush any remaining sand out of the engine. Gas won't hold the particles in any form of suspension to let it float out of the cases and it's explosive. The kerosene will at least help flush and keep things semi lubed. I would take one side cover off and drain the oil that way and then put some kerosene in , put the cover back on and shake the bike around , then remove the cover again and drain the crap out. Maybe even remove the valve cover and flush down that way too. Rinse and repeat till its' as clean as you can get it. Pull the drain plugs at this point and the filter and flush a little more. Put in oil and crank it till there's oil pressure, run it for a bit and pull plugs and filter again and inspect for any more sand. Go till you feel happy, camshafts, bearings and sand is a bad mix. My .02--Good Luck -- WR Dave.

I have used diesel to wash many parts on field repairs .I've been a mechanic for 20 years . it will work just try to get as much as you can out before you restart it. leave it drip out over night. Then fill it with oil then and crank it with the ignition off, for awhile. till the thing gets oil back thru it all . run it for 10 min then dump it out , repeat this a time or two

Does diesel have any additives that may damage the clutch? Consider buying the cheapest oil that money can buy, a thicker viscosity(20-50), and maybe a paper filter; I don't know what 07 uses. I would like to think that the case would have had pressure blowing out while riding.Whatever the fluid of choice is, I like the idea of slowly pouring it directly on the valve train while intermittently cranking over the engine. Good luck

ok guys... i drained the oil out and didn't feel any sand in it. i tried to take the case off but that was a no go after pulling the starter gears off and it still not budging. i put gas in it and shook my bike around then drained that and still didn't get sand :banghead:. i added oil, ran the bike, and drained it to flush all the gas... still no sand :busted:. i guess i got luckey!

you did try to take off the stator cover?right? seeing how that is the side where the sand may be , it would be the best if you would at least pull it. I think I would figure out whats holding it on yet and take out that bolt. It's better to waste your time then to waste your bike.

yeah... i tried to take the stator cover off. had to take the starter gears out to get to another bolt i found but can't see whats holding it on there still. i'll check the stickies for a manual...

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