back on an XR, XR600R now though

well my XR650R got stolen last spring if some of you remeber me posting about it.



well the insurance money bought me a 2000 KTM300 to try for my racing, decided it was :banghead: so sold my WR450, bought a newer KTM300, and traded the old one off for this



97 XR600

has the Aloop tank/seat setup, a WER steering damper, and what looks like a leo vince exhaust, but not really sure.

so as soon as I get it titled, and weld a kickstand tab back on the frame, and come up with a kickstand I'll be out hitting up the 3 day trips around the southwest again.

this sping I want to dualsport from here to moab for 4 days of camping, and then back.

Welcome back! Good to hear ya got another XR regardless of which one. I had a 600 and I think it was actually easier to ride in the woods than my current 650R. Been kinda thinkin' about going back to one.:banghead: Bruce

I'm curious, how do you like the XR600R compared to the XR650R you use to have? I have the XR600R and am toying with the idea of picking up the next XR650R I see for sale allready plated....

ya i remember. at least your back riding now! i also amk curious how you compare the 600 to the 650.

For those of you wanting to compare the 600 to the 650, I can offer my opinion. I bought an XR600 new in '99, and traded it for an XR650R in 2001.

I felt the 650 was better in every way. Way faster, handled better, better suspension. I had no regrets going from the 600 to the 650, I like it more everywhere--fire roads, dunes, woods.

With that said, I still think the 600 might be a better bike if you're more of a sit down all day, look at the scenery and cruise along type of rider.

I still think the 600 might be a better bike if you're more of a sit down all day, look at the scenery and cruise along type of rider.

That's a fact! :banghead:

anybody have a stock clean set of XR600R wheels they want to sell fast?

can't compare em yet, no money to fix the issues on this 600R, so its sitting in the garage for a bit. gotta rebuild the motor in my jeep, and get the new KTM prepped to race.

Starting some work on my 600R now. Just ordered the Mikuni carb, and springs for it.

did a couple offroad rides with it, and its a tractor, although not as much fun as the 650R off road. did single track, and washes, and fast stuff.



then swapped the tires, ditched the small tank for a 5 gallon unit, and did a 600 mile 3 day trip





its wearing some Maxxis Desert IT's again now, gonna prerun a race on monday since my KTM is OOC due to some pipe damage.

then I'll swap springs/carb and take it out again for a week in moab in august. possibly run the AMRA race in montecello with it as well.

after the springs and Carb swap, I need to send the damper off to WER to be rebuilt. oh well, just more money that isn't around for it now. although more free money since I ditched my jeep and truck for a little car and trailer

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