Replace Subframe?

I want to replace my '99 WR400 steel subframe with a YZ subframe.

Are the '99 and newer YZ400/426/450 subframes aluminum?

Which years subframe from YZ's will fit the '99WR?

yes the 2005 yz450 subframe is aluminum. Had to replace mine two times.

The 450 subframe won't fit any of your stock plastics or seat. The '01 and up (and maybe the '00) 426 subframes are also aluminum, even though painted, and I believe they will fit. Just don't hold me to it.

The 2000 426 also has an aluminum subframe, it's just painted. I bought an aluminum subframe when I had my 99 400 from AC Racing. It was light, but I was disappointed in the fit. I had to do a lot of filing and tweaking to get it on. Once it was on it was fine. I think they still sell them and they were less than $200.

My 99 YZ400 subframe is unpainted aluminum. couldn't tell you if it'll fit or not, but it's definitely aluminum.

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