ACV disabled, then…

When the ACV is disabled, which circuit do you then set richer (or leaner), and by how much?


You go leaner on pilot. I was successful by downsizing to a #38 PFJ, open 1 turn, with the stock #75 PAJ. Some claim that you have to switch to a #100 pilot air jet like on the original setup...An adjustable pilot air jet would help...

Dominator, If I understand you correctly, In my case I would need to turn my adjustable PAJ 1 turn counter clockwise from a 45PAS to a 100PAS and this change would lean the pilot circuit.

Thanks Dude.

1/4 turn open is #45 and 1 turn open is #100. So, from where you're at, #100 is an extra 3/4 turn counterclockwise...And yes, it would lean your pilot circuit. You might want to try different settings in between too.

since you're running a 35 pilot, I don't think you'll like it with a 100 PAS. That inital change was when using a stock (or nearly stock) PJ, usually 45 or 48. Check out Taffy's PJ - PAJ table for a starting point. It was in Jetting Qs and a few other threads.

I think I remember that with Taffy jetting (what you have in your sig), a 75maj is very close.

Dominator, thanks for the verification.

Tbronc, I’ve been searching this topic for 2 days and been just about everywhere accept Jetting Qs. I didn’t realize the ACV in relation to the pilot circuit was covered there, thanks for the heads up.

how did you go about disabling it, i have heard of s few ways of doing it.


Parx, Assuming that you know where the ACV is on the carb, the simplest way is to remove the diaphragm and re install it upside down (with the tip on the diaphragm facing away from the carb).

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