Hallo fellow thumper talkers!!

Two weeks ago i put a panoram on my WR and it worked great for an hour or so....

All screens show nothing but zeros and the battery indicator is "lo" even after changing the battery??!! anyone else had this problem? /Jon

Hello fellow Swede!

Our distant cousins on the Canonndale part of the TT forum have a thread dealing with this subject. It involves cleaning of the contact areas as well as making sure that the battery stays still and does not loose contact - cotton is mentioned.

Apart from that, to avoid "flaming" from the honourable people on THIS forum, do a search - using "Panoram" as topic - and You will find lots of usable information.

So before asking such stupid f***ing questions do Your bl**dy homework. It is not the first time this happens to a Panoram, SO STICK TO THE PROGRAM AND LOOK FOR INFO BEFORE BOTHERING THE FINE PEOPLE ON THIS FORUM - DOOPEY!!!!

He, he alltid någon som undrar vad det där var för något :D - men det stämmer, gör en search så finns det massor. :)



Bonzai: :)

Hi Fred! do you know who is going to work the graveyard shift every saturday,in my 7-eleven??? I own 20% of your bike and some other friends own the rest of it so watch out for the repo-man(me) did you tell every one on the forum who works on your bike? don`t bite the hand who feeds you!!!!

p.s. sorry, but you have to work 17.00-24.00 tuesday(your birthday) guess why????

"trailtech panoram" all i can say is "no comment!"

Its probably a good thing we can't read Swedish.

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