New XR650R - Need Help!

How do you replace the needle? Which setting to place it on with hop up kit? Need info ASAP - leaving for dez in the a.m. Thank you! :)


here's the quick version to get you on your way...

Take the top off the carb, pull the piston out. The needle goes down through the center and sticks out the bottom. Remove through the top. I'd start with the clip in middle setting on the new one. Re-assemble and be gone!

Although Thor gave you the simplified version, be careful with the phillip head screws on top of the slide linkage. I take out the linkage shaft set screw, then pull out the shaft, while keeping the spring in place, just enough (don't loose the thin white plastic washer) to pull out the slide and linkage as one, after removing the slide/linkage then push the shaft back into the carb body until you re-assemble. With the slide and linkage on the bench, you can get to those phillip screws.

Good luck!

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