Piston rings and fork oil

Today I got my 2007 yz450f. I also got 2 sets of piston rings and oil rings. I would like to know when should I change those rings? Bike isn`t new, it has 25 hours on it by a veteran weekend warrior.

I know I have to re-lubricate my swingarm and steering- stem, but when should I change my fork oil?

PS. I can`t wait the snow to melt :banghead: Pi

anybody? I think I heard somewhere that manual wants you to change those rings after 15 hours, but I am not sure. What do you think?

Also I am a bit concerned about break- in that so many of you recommend to do being quite hard on the gas. The last owner was anything but hard on the gas.

My '03 has gone over 4 years on the original rings and valves. When the engine fails a leak down test, replace the rings. If you race the bike often, then perhaps a piston and rings every year or so.

Fork oil once or twice a season for a serious racer.

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