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Search for "exhaust" and you will have more info than you can handle. I have only done the end cap mod and see no reason to go any further. I don't race and I live in an area with tens of thousands of acres to ride on. I don't need to jeopordize that by being obnoxiously loud. Good luck with the search.



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DON'T DO IT!!!! I gutted my stock S exhaust to make it a straight through and it sounded horrible, way louder than any aftermarket pipe I heard on any bike, and I had NO POWER. The bike wouldn't rev at all, and I ended up throwing it in the trash. Basically, it render the bike unrideable!

I started out by drilling the baffles and trying it out, then gutted everything to see what would happen- - DUMB - - and ended up buying a used E exhaust in the end. I have only done the end cap mod to my E exhaust and it is the best sound/power compromise for sure. Better than drilling baffles/gutting for sure.

I have a stock, undrilled end cap that I swap back and forth and definately like the sound/power of the drilled one better. Not much louder, just right.

I would recommend cleaning up all the interior welds of your header pipe, especially at the motor end. Take a dremel type tool and port it out. Then make sure the junction of the slip on is cleaned out/ported. You want all the inside of the welds to be smooth. This will help exhaust flow and make more power. Drill your exhaust end cap out (do a search on the site for more info) and you will have the best stock setup possible. Make sure you start with an E exhaust, it has a 3mm larger headpipe, plus the slip on is larger diameter as well, but the muffler part is identical, I think. (This is hard to tell without taking it apart.)

Good luck.

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