1999 WR 400

I just bought a WR400 about 2 months ago used. After I purchased the bike I had to redo the seals and other miscellaneous stuff to get the bike up to par. Nick at Pro Valve in Costa Mesa, Ca gave the bike an A-Okay after replacing the seals etc. The question is: Is this a trustworthy bike to take on long rides into the desert? Was 99 a good year for this model? How long do the motors last on these bikes? I know the previous owner probably put around 5000+ miles on the bike.

99 was a great year for the WR...As long as the maintenance is kept up, it will not leave you stranded.

Have Fun.

Bonzai :)

After all the problems I've had with my 99 WR, here's a some advice: make sure you don't ride alone and bring a tow strap for those long desert rides, just in case.

since the 98 was the first year it had some issues. i have heard the bottom ends where not up to par compared to the 99 and up. i have a 2000 wr400 and i has been great. never let me down, i take good care of it but i do hammer on the thing. i would not suggest buying a used one with lots of miles on it. you never know how the ower took care of it.


I'd trust my 99 any where at any time.

Not sure why you've had so many problems Rich. I know an aweful lot of guys with WR's and NONE have had any serious, prolonged problems.

Ride it Yamatom, but do change the oil every 100 and keep your air filter clean and lightly greased. If you want problems, you can always mess with the jetting :)

Mr Toyz

i raced and green laned my '99 for two years. i used it every weekend and in that time i had three small problems. one, the selector fork bent making it hard to change gear, i also had a tooth break in fifth gear which created a stutter and lastly; before i got the jetting right i used to kick, and kick, and kick the bloody thing. everytime the kickstart flew back the stop plate in the engine was wearing away and in the end i rode for a day with the "ratcheting" noise from the engine. i only just got that job done in time otherwise i may have needed new cases (apparently).

i would still call the bike ultra reliable because i've heard very few tales of the bike letting you down on the trail.


Ride the best engineered bike built like a freight train and run like a deer.

I have a 98 wr and i have never had a any trouble , just do the maintance and ride it hard ! I do !

As far as I am concerned this bike is as reliable as they come. No issues for me after 5000 desert/mtn. single track miles.

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