'03 Valve lifter replacement color issue

I am in the process or rebuilding my motor, and when i looked up a part number for the valve lifters (bucket), it only lists lifters that have the color marker for black, blue, or yellow. The color on the bottom of my lifters is red. One of my lifters was damaged from the cam circlip not being installed in the right spot.:banghead: (the reason for the rebuild) It is a Canadian bike and I don't know if this really matters or not. I was using a fiche from a buisness in Grand Rapids Michigan (Shawmutt Hill Sales and Service).

Read this thread and see what you find inside your engine. Worst case scenario, you can replace the one lifter and then shim accordingly...SC

I have the whole motor pulled apart and sitting on my coffee table downstairs. Where is the color marking that idicates what valve lifters to use with this particular engine? I didn't have the pictures come through on the thread that clark4131 sent me regarding this.



Let's see if this works...SC



Apparently i am computer challenged, when i came back to look again, there they were.

Thank you!

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