For those of you that raced the Big Buck GNCC yesterday I will be posting some photos from my 10 mile track walk on Saturday so that you can have some photos of the terrain to go along with those war stories.

Man what a fantastic race track! There was everything on it that I could possibly think of. I saw some of the most awesome crashes I have ever seen....Rodney Smith almost destroyed the left side of his bike and his exhaust on the 2nd lap....My team members told me that Life Flight made two rescues while we were out on the course. I destroyed a brand new pair of pants when a rider I was running with lost control going into the ravine and my mike cartwheeled with me on it with the header landing on my knee...Pants burned to a crisp....Thank God for Knee Guards and Kevlar pants....It burned through the top layer but stopped at the lining. No Skin burned at all! I love my THOR gear....Gonna need another pair before Loretta Lynns in two weeks though. My Shroud repair lasted until the last lap when I hung it on a sappling in the tight stuff on the last lap..... All in All the best Race of the GNCC Series so far....Cant wait until the next one.

For those ThumperTalk members that I met this weekend, the pleasure was all mine. John Curea...Stand Up Dude....Great to finally meet you..We'll see you again at Loretta's. Stumpy..We did try to find you on Sat afternoon and again on Sun am, Man there were just too many people there, hopefully next time. For the Honda ThumperTalk brother in the Senior C class that I battled with all morning....Dude thanks, you kept me on the gas when I was physically Totaled.....

Enjoy the Pics this evening....

I have been uploading pictures for awhile tonight, it seems that my photo storage server is having quite a bit of activity tonight...I will finish uploading tonight and post them from the office in the morning....Sorry for the delay.

Bonzai :)

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Bill, glad to see you made in out in 1 piece.......medium rare :):D:D:D

The GNCC is the best racing circuit in the country, hands down!! I've only made it to Steel Creek this year but the way my schedule looks I think I can hit the rest of them. Let's see some pics.

Yeah, I looked for you, too, but there were just too many people. I got there on Sunday morning about 8, got through registration, tech, and the riders meeting, and had just enough time to gear up and get to the line. The bike started fine but I went into the first section pretty close to last in my class. My first lap was really bad. I was riding really tense and was getting pumped up pretty bad. I've got to tell myself to calm down and ride smooth. I got stuck in a deep rut in the first mudhole, then crashed on the first big uphill, then crashed coming out of the creek, and had a couple of off track excursions... all on the first lap. After I started the second lap I calmed down and started catching a few people. When I came around the corner and saw all the people standing around I thought, what is coming up that these people want to see... then I looked up the HILL. For someone who has never ridden up a hill of any real size I did pretty good. I made it up the hill without incident all three times I hit it. Yes I said three... I got lapped by Shane Nalley who was absolutely flying in the industry class. All in all, I had a great time at my first GNCC. I'm a little sore today and my bike still needs washing, but I think I'll be faster in my next race because of this one. I'll be racing with SETRA this weekend in GA. I hope to see some of y'all there. John Curea... I stopped by the truck a couple of times but there was noone there... I'll catch you some other time. MXtuner... thanks for the help on the fork valving, they worked wonderfully, but my shock still leaves much to be desired. I may need to send that one to you.

Here We Go....


Left to Right: Yamakaze/John Curea/RSK

9444762-f92c-02000198-.jpg for the camera on lap 3


Small shot of the north side parking.


YAMAHA PRO PITS..Randy Hawkins, Barry Hawk, Jason Raines and Robbie Jenks


Rider Registration/Podium Area


Winners: Mike Lafferty (KTM), Robbie Jenks (YAM), Jason Raines (YAM)


I was not ready to quit.....


RSK post Race....Hard to adjust the white balance in my camera...Need more sun dude....

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Brand New pair of pants...Toasted!


Rodney Smith...Man he had a bad day, Crash on the second lap completely broke off the throttle side Bark Buster, Damaged his fender and bottom of number plate and bent his exhaust to the point where he could not keep up with the front of the pack....He finished 7th...Still not bad for a bike with all that damage...He's still smokin after all these years.


I took this shot less than a minute after he goot off his bike at the end of the race...Let's just say he wasn't very happy at that moment.


Terrain Shots follow...Sorry guys I missed some of the good stuff, My camera underexposed for some reason.













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I hope that those of you that rode this course enjoyed it as much as Steve and I did...Hopefully Loretta Lynns will be rockin as well.

Bonzai :)

Nice pictures Bill, looks like a hell of a lotta fun!....hope the enviromentalist don't get hold of any of this....... :)


Were any roots there? :):D


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OK guys, I expect to see all of you at the Cracker HS next weekend. It is less than 2 hours East of Atlanta, so I know you can make it. We have worked hard to give you a nice mix of trials, some woods, some dirt jeep roads, about a mile or grass track, a little mud........ about a 10.5 mile loop. 90% of the trails have been ridden very little before. I will be running registration, so introduce yourself.



I would love too, and I know I should, But I've got parts on my bike to replace before I race again and I don't think they are going to be available until next Tuesday...I'll catch it next time for sure.

I do have one question though....Why $35.00 ? It's only $30.00 to run a national GNCC.

Bonzai :)

Bill, Not so white now more of a bright RED :D:D

The pic's look great and I had a great time wish I could go up to Lorreta Lynn's with you but some body has to go to Jamaica and it might as well be me :D I will be thinking of you as I'm sitting on the beach with a cold one in my hand watching the girls walk by :D good luck and keep the training going it does help I don't hurt at all except for the bad sunburn!!! :)

have a good one



Teh $ details are complex, but basically, our club has to give a siginficant amount of our entry fee to the landowner inaddition the standard expenses. You probably would not believe me when I told you how many entrants we have to have in order to break even. Put it this way, we need to have good weather (= a good turn out).

The land is all privately owned, and the facility is pretty nice. It has alot of nice features for those comming to ride such as RV hookups, cabins, food consessions, etc.


Cool pics Bill!!

It was really good meeting you and Steve.

Stumpy, sorry I missed you, I bet you came by during the afternoon race. I finally was able to get away from the boxvan during the afternoon race to watch some racing and see how the track was getting beat and trashed.

Looking forward to Loretta Lynns weeeknd after next. Stop on by, we should have some help down there, it will give me more time to shoot the bull...

Take Care, John

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