when the wr450's arrive

my dealer said that he is expecting to get the new WR's in this month. they said they were expecting a september october delivery obviosly september is out of the question . :confused:has anyone else heard this?

i have been told i will get mine in 10-14 days time

yaaaaa righttt, with the bastered port workers stricking, you may see it in feb.


if you are east coast your bike will come in through new jersey ports, so should not be affected by the mess out west.

i should be fine than since i am in new jersey !! :)

i am in the UK so an american dock strike shouldnt affect me

My Dealer tells me first week of December

My dealer tells me December for the 1st one(mine)Could be as early as the last week of November........but he also said it could very easily be January.

sorry, gents.. gave some bad info.. seems the east coast bikes still come in through the west coast ports. They then get sent by rail or truck to the distribution center in pensauken NJ. Apologies!

I am an American that lives in Michigan and I went across to Canada and bought a WR450F for $5400 out the door. I saved over $1000 over USA prices and my bike delivery is supposed to be Jan 1-7.

If you don't want to wait for the hassle and all the crap that is going on with the US ports. i would check out


This is a Canadian shipper that does a lot of business with US customers. You will save on taxes and since your dollar is so strong right now you will save on the overall price compared to what you would spend in the US. He ships all over the US, UK, and AUS. I have him checking in on the price for the new 450 for me right now. They are probably about $8000 Cdn. US that is only about $4500 - $4800(BRAND NEW!!) Plus in Canada we don't have all the emmission restrictions that come default on the US bikes.

It is worth checking out.

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