differences between 2001 and 2007 DRZ 400 E

I've been told the 2001 and 2007 drz400E only differs in graphics, exhaust pipe, radiators and stator. Can somebody shed more light on these differences and inform whether the 2001 had any problems? I'm dealing to buy a used one. Thanks

The 07 e came with the mikuni carburator instead of the much better FCR. 2001 would be a better bike if it's in good shape.

Or if you don't mind investing $500 or so to purchase the FCR, you can have the peace of mind of a new bike.

Sorry, I did not mention that in Italy we can still buy the E model with FCR carb that are made street legal by the importer (not Suzuki) with some mods, among which the turn lights.

Lucky neighbor ..! We also have the right 'E models but the damn Suzuki dealer didn't made them street legal like the XRs or KLXs .... I think the Euro 'E DRZs are same from the 2000 except colors .

i just bought a new drz 400e up in canada and it has the fcr carb stock. the 2007 bike you are looking at might be a california bike.

Hi Giulio,

you may want to check this out: www.drz-italia.com

The differences are in colors, in the front light plastics, no more cam-chain issue.

(colori diversi, diverso portafaro, diverso tensionatore della catena di distribuzione, quello grigio scuro pre-2002 dava problemi, potenza diversa (?))

Motociclismo tested the E in 2000 and 2003: the 2000 model had 37 HP while the 2003 had 40,8 HP.

Maybe this was due to the fact the 2000 bike tested was not new!?

What?.......only the US is priveledged enough to get the new dumbed down E....thank you Cali!

no more cam-chain issue

now thats funny!

Hi Giulio,

no more cam-chain issue.

As Eddie indicted that is really not the case, the 2001 ACCT (Auto Cam Chain Tensioner) had a spring that tended to break and wipe the engine, the 2004+ ACCT has a stronger spring that does not break but it does stretch the chain and cases it to need replacement early.

An ACCT is not hard to install and is really good insurance.

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