CRF80F 2006 valve adjustment procedure?

Whould someone let me know what the valve adjustment procedure is for a CRF80F 2006 please?


Just do a search. It's been covered a million times. Get a manual too, they are only about $20.

The procedure and clearances are the same as for the 100.

Sorry, but I can't find one anywhere.

Would someone post the link to it please?


quick guide:

prior to valve inspection/adjustement : engine must be cold <35°C

inpsection of valve clearance as follow:

1. remove LH numberplate side cover.

2. remove seat + fuel tank to get access to cylinder head cover

3. remove cylinder head cover + LH crankcase cover

4. turn crankshaft counterclockwise and align "T" mark with the notch on the left crankcase.

5. verify if piston is at TDC on the compression stroke (check cycle of engine)

6. check valve clearance with a feeler gauge between valve adjusting screw and valve stem.

clearance for both valves is 0.05mm or 0.002 in


1. adjust by loosing the lock nut

2. turn adjusting screw to get the good clearance

3. hold adjusting screw and tighten the locknut

4. after tightening the adjuster locknut check clearance again.

5. install cylinder headcover , fuel tank, seat,numberplate and LH crankcase cover back.

6. get a manual it's very worth the money for the pictures

SHULTZ! Get a manual!!!!!!!!!! 'nutcase

"I know nothing. . . nothing!" You have to be about 45 or so to understand this one. :banghead:

"I know nothing. . . nothing!" You have to be about 45 or so to understand this one. :banghead:

Damn. I'm 46 Klink.

Thanks all.

I grew up with Hogans Hero's.

Where is the cheapest place to get a manual?

For some apple struedel I will tell you!

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