A great aussie race

A like to everyone out there this is the greatest race in the world. though i havent been fortunate enough to ride it my friends have and it is long hard and tough. you just have to look at the finishing times of the riders over a 220km on way track to see the speed.


keep an eye on this site some may 8-10 you will see some great action :)

Arrow - your right Finke is a big deal - I did it last year and would be back this year but for a busted up arm - next year. Its 229km's with more whoops than pimples on a babies bum. 265 bikes on the start line is pretty freaky!

Hop on your bike and do it!

PS - check the sight it is June 8-10 not May. Televised on Foxtel and the video is well worth getting.

sorry your right my mind was saying june my fingers said may go figure!!!

the only thing is we gotta find that danm american to get the perpetual trophy back

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