I think WR reliability has won me over.

I am looking to replace my trusty XR250 as soon as I can afford to and I have always been a Honda fan. However, reading these forums the CRFs are all about valve adjustments and top end over hauls and what valves to replace the stock ones with when yours go bad. The KLXs are all about dead batteries, over heating and petcocks puncturing the left radiator in a minor tip over. The KTM dealer is just too far way and Suzuki does not make a green sticker legal 450 off-road bike. That leaves the Yamy. So far the only down side I can find to the WR is the fact that I will need to wrench on it right away to let it breath and get full throttle. But seeing as how I have had to re-jet every other dirt bike I have ever owned this wont be a problem for me and I am having a hard time finding a serious flaw or weak spot on the late model WRs. I don't really like the blue color but I think I can live with that. I'm thinkin a new 08 WR450F could easily last me 8-9 years like my XR did. I also like the larger skid plate and trip meter better than the Honda's and I like Pro-Tapers better than Renthals.

Great choice. You won't be sorry! The initial wrenching is no big deal at all... :banghead:

I was a Honda devotee myself before my WR. In fact, I have owned 7, and still have 4 of them, a VTX, 2 Trail 70's and an Aquatrax. Don't get me started on their cars and small engine equipment. But when it comes to the high-performance 4-strokes, the industry rags can say all they want, Yamaha got my vote after doing the "real world" research. The 5-Valve engine is the originator and the other 3 big Japanese manufacturers can try all they want, but they still can't match it for reliability. Sure, you may be able to get more speed from Red, Green or Yellow, but I don't have an unlimited amount of sponsors trying to win me over, and I don't ride like RC, Bubba or Chad, so the performance differences are unnoticeable to me. I want to know that when I'm up in the mountains, 25 miles from the nearest road, the only thing keeping me from getting back is the amount of gas in my tank. The other three companies just don't give me the same kind of peace of mind with what they offer as a comparison. In truth, KTM does run a very, very close second, and may well be the next bike I buy, but it will still be sharing a stall with my WR...SC

I am/was a Honda dirt bike guy also. Traded in my XR400 (I was an idiot and should have just kept it also) for my WR450. Yamaha just makes well built bikes and this is the 3rd one for me. I could have bought a KTM instead of th Yamaha but I think their reliability sucks. KTM guys can say what they want and I have ridden the KTM's. The 300 is the best out of the four I have ridden. The KTM is a nice bike, but they are constantly breaking, leaking, or having problems and needing attention. With out a doubt the Jap bikes are more durable and reliable for the long haul. Glad I bought the WR, and other then the chain hitting the sub frame (built a guard) I love the bike.

I too was a die hard Honda guy and after being away from dirt bikes for quite a while I decided to get back into it and of course get a Honda. I did some research, mostly here, and hence changed my mind and got a WR450. I've modded it a little to get it to run and boy does it run. Pulls so hard and it's just been dead reliable. I ride alone a lot and I never worry about this bike. I think it's just awesome that you can have both rippin power and reliability!!!!! I'm totally sold, not saying that other bikes aren't as good, cuz I haven't tried them but I know this one is damn good and there isn't a doubt in my mind what bike I'll get next time......if there ever is a next time.

I'm on my 4th WR, I've had every generation 400, 426, 450 steel & now the 450 Alum... I race in an offroad series in the Pac northwest and trail ride atleast once a month in addition to that... 80% of my terrain is NASTY, tight, rocky, slippery, rooty etc... needles to say the bikes get rode hard but put away clean and maintained with oil changes, clean filter and a semi-annual valve clearance check / adj. I will take the same bike I race, on a 90 mile single track ride up around mount st.helens without thinking twice about not making it back to camp.

I literally drowned the 400 once and had to push it out to the road but once back home after a day I put a new plug in it, changed the oil about 5 times and the bike never missed a beat, that was the only time I was left stranded and it was my fault and I don't care what kind of bike it was, it was not be any different.

2 of the 3 past WR's I know for a fact are still out there on long rides and racing I can only assume the 3rd one is as well:ride:

SJMC's post is pretty much "definitive" for this topic.

Blue all the way, your wallet will thank you in the long run.

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