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First ride!

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Ok, this was a weekend were a lot of firsts were involved.

First time I rode the bike.

First time off-road this year!

First time I crashed (on this bike).

First time I ran out of gas (ever).

First time I got Baboon-arse :D !

Started at a gathering point at 0800 Saturday morning. Went via small roads, mainly tarmac but a good deal of gravel. Filled the tank, paid the fee and off we went. First k´s were transportation on paved roads (boooring). Noticed that the gearing is NOT what I want (15-50, 14-47 should be more like it). One in the gang stopped to adjust something, I stopped too, to keep him "company" and half a k further on the rest stopped too. A guy on a spanking new KTM 625 SC got his chain wrapped around his rear axel. After some phonecalls on we went, bar the KTM, he joined up later.

On the gravelroads I had tremendesly fun. Wheeling and sliding like posessed, the WR is soo different from my XR600R. I must admit I love the XR, but the WR is more race and much more nimble and easy to handle. Or so I thought. It bites back. In a leftturn I overdid the sliding and I am not sure what happened, but the rear wheel broke away and I heard and felt my helmet slam into- and scrape along the gravel. The way they found my bike (on the side halfway submerged in the ditch) I probably did a high side. Fresh damage to my helmet, tore a small hole in my jacket, got dirty and not a scratch on the bike(that I have found). Had a headache for the rest of the day though, not that comfy. Protectiongear, ThankYou!

Took it a little easier after that, there were places were the ground was still frozen (like were I crashed) so one had to be carefull.

It was a beautiful day, cold, crip and sunny. Driving through small villages, passing by lakes driving between fields and through forrest made the scenery changing and interesting.

A couple of k´s from the lunchstop I ran out of gas! got some from a DR650 rider and two hundred meters from the lunchstop the guy in front of me "fell asleep" and went straight in a 90 degree righthander. He slamed on the brakes and almost made it, but there were some rocks in his path so he fell (at almost standstill) and broke his handbrake lever - he had lunch and then went home.

After chow there were a planned gas-stop after a few k´s. Of course, on the way there, I ran out of gas again but got a push to the gas station - were the KTM guy joined us again.

Further on we went. My bum getting sorer and sorer, my headache thumping and I had a great time. Almost all the roads were gravel or dirt, onetime we rode on an old railway bearm (?). I tried to do some riding standing up, but I am too tall to be comfortable. I will raise the bars and try to do the free mod on the pegs to lower them and move them further back and hope that is enough because standing is a must with the WR´s rockhard seat.

Close to the end of the day we came to an overgrown tractor road which was great fun, but there sere a section with a lot of water, muck, ice, roots, old grass and stuff and I got seriosly stuck. After 20 minutes we were all through, me dogtired and with wet feet, the others in similar condition. We came onto a nice small dirt track in the forrest were a car was parked across it. An oldtimer jumps out and starts yapping about us ruining the road, who will fix/pay for the damages, we are terrorising the neighbourod, driving unregistered bikes etc, etc. One of us then managed to inform the man that we were just following the roadbook and that our machines were indeed registered - Oldtimer looks like he got struck by lightning. Wait, wait I´ll just get pen&paper to write up your licenseplates. We just turned around and left. But then we had to take a major detour before we were back on the roadbook again. Then it was just a couple of gravelroads left before we had to drive on tarmac back to the start/finnish. We were dead last :) .

Taking the freeway home, with 15-50 gearing, a sore arse, frezing, headache, bone tired was a breeze :D .

All in all it was a great day riding. In the future I will do more mx riding and some endurance trails.

I will buy and install new springs, from 0.42 to 0.47 front, and from 4.8 to 5.8 rear. That will give me a lot more suspension travel which I will need on the mx track.

Mount the bars higher and the pegs lower I have already mentioned. '

As soon as my wallet allows I will invest in a Absolute Power exhaust from CRD. The sound now is way to "geeky" :D .

Thats all for now. Will let You know what happens.

See ya,


[ April 08, 2002: Message edited by: 426fred ]

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I really like that you have a WR now!!

Now, when you get smoked, you dont have any excuses!!! (except age...)

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That old guy didn't pull out a pistol case, did he?

Hey Fred, it sounds like a weekend to remember! That time-warp body-slam is what KILLS me! Iowa has 10,000's of miles of gravel roads. Never take it for granted! Usually just fine, then instant marbles! Almost always around corners.

I, too, have done the lower footpeg/high bend TAG bar mod. Helps. Hope your head didn't haunt you all day! :)

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Whats the deal with old men????

Forget the Serria Club, we have a new menice to society! :D:):D

Sounds like you had a good time though Fred.

Isnt that what its really all about?

Good times and better stories.

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