Gearbox Rebuilt help

I've torn down the gearbox of my WR426 (after losing 5th gear) and have just got the parts list and prices back from the dealer.

One thing that stood out for me were three or four washers that sit on the gear shaft (both pinion and wheel shafts) between the gears. They're quoted as around the $13 - $14 mark each and there are four or five of them.

I know i'm probably penny pinching, but if I can save some money here and there I will.

For anyone who's torn down their gearbox, did you replace these? Is it necessary? I've had a look at them and they don't look worn.

They're not normal washers, they're got teeth on the inside that allow them to fit on the shaft.

I've rebuilt a bunch of old vintage elsinore bikes (Honda cr125 and cr250 from 73-83) and we reused these washers with no problems whatsoever. I'm not sure if you can do the same on a modern bike or not but I don't see why not.

Those are thrust washers that also space the gears properly. If there are no signs of wear or any score marks on them, they can be reused. Check the ones carefully that are next to the 5th gear set as they may have been damaged when the gear broke.

Thats the problem with letting the dealer fix your bike. Its not their money so they will replace anything and everything.

Thanks ncampion, I'll have a good look at the washer near 5th gear.

Msgbean, exactly my thoughts. Looking through the parts list they gave me and then looking at the manual, not only are there things that I probably don't need to replace, but there are seals and o-rings that haven't even been put on the list.

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