Ijust can't seem to jump

I've only been riding for two or three months... (I ride a ttr 125)... I just can't seem to jump... When I try I just end up wheelinging up the jump... I'm a girl do you think it might have somthing to do with my weight ot hieght???


your "wheelinging up the jump" ??

Jumping takes a LOT of practice. try to find a small table top type jump someplace and work on it. You want to keep a neutral or slightly forward stance when jumping. dont lean back going off the jump, that may be part of your problem with the wheelies.

Also when you get to the initial incline of the jump, blip the throttle a little but not too much. This will allow the bike to land horizontally or with the front wheel slightly raised. Not enough gas will cause you too land front wheel first. Too much gas will cause.....well you dont want too much gas! :)

Sounds like your sitting down. You need to stand up, knees slightly bent, elbows up and out and head over the triple clamps.

Start small and work your way up to larger jumps.


:DDon't feel so bad I'm a boy and I can't jump either. :)

i use to be the worst at jumping, i am a dude(not a boy any more) and i would always let off on the jumps and land hard on the front wheel. i also had a pile 1990 ktm 250 and an 85 xr350. i did not feel very confident jumping those bikes. once i got my wr400, air time baby. i like the advie about standing with head at the triple clamps, that sounds right. just take your time and learn to judge the jumps and then you will be hitting everything. an man air time feels good.


start with a small jump and work your way up! be safe and have fun!!! :)

There is so much good info here what can I add..

Go to your local track or riding area and watch a jump or two there, watch all jumpers good bad or indifferent.

Just sit and Watch for different approaches to the face of the jump, watch the mistakes and the success's.

Listen for the motor especially Thumper vs 2smokes This will help you understand how to get through the jump face.

Watch the style or ride technique, meaning as Bill said above, Knees bent, standing elbows and so on.

Once you get the ethics of this then practice practice practice. It all takes time and is fun. Start out with small controlled jumps nothing fancy just enough to get both wheels off the ground and back SAFELY

Good luck

I did my first jumps this weekend on my WR400 and obviously I am no expert but I can say what I was doing to help me jump properly with my inital learning attempts:

Obviously start slow and small.

Stand up on the pegs with relaxed legs.

Approach the jump with a steady throttle, don't blip or let off the throttle (although this may not be best for your 125).

When you launch, allow the bike to come up to you (i.e. allow you legs to bend).

On larger jumps or when you progress a bit - when in the air stand up (straighten you legs a bit) ready to help absorb the landing.

A lot of my first attempts I was obviously very stiff legged so the bike was not going up in the air properly and the nose was coming down first. Allow the bike to come to you and it should fly straight and you should land flat.

they offten say white men can't jump, but we can ride the heck out of a dirtbike. when in doubt punch it out!!!

Another thing I learned the hard way was to keep the middle of your feet planted on the pegs and not the front of them. After I was getting up to about 4 to 5 ft of air, I quickly found out that it hurts to have your feet in the wrong place. :)

Hey ya'll thanx for all the help.

By the way I'm sorry that I wrote my post in like all of the post places, this is my first time to post and I really don't know what I'm doing so I'm going to have my dad to help me out...

I really got some good advice from you TT members. I can't wait until my dad takes me to the track again.

Thanx again for all the help...


Check your PM.

All good advice. I am still working up my nerve to hit doubbles where I ride that you can not miss the landing ramp or come up short. I have ridden for years but Where I grew up riding there were just no big jumps to hit so I never really did it. Jumping a thumper is defianlty different than a 2 stroke. The thumpers are heavier and the motor matters alot when comming off the jump. A 2 stoke you could coast off the jump with the clutch in or throttle off and shimmy it around in the air a bit more. On a 4 stroke, you pretty much need a smooth accelaration up the face of the ramp, not to much but you defanatly dont want to coast or worse, let off the throttle!!! the 4 strokes compression brakeing will bring your front wheel down right off the jump!!!! thats bad.

A few more tips

Dont go to slow!!! going slow off a jump gives you little contorl and can cause the front of the bike to drop before the back ever gets off the ramp! The faster you go the smoother the landing often is because your coming in at a much less steap angle rather than just ploping straight out of the air.

Use the throttle to adjust your landing pitch. Apply the throttle in the air to bring the front of the bike up and hit the back brake with clutch in to bring the nose down. On my WR I usally need to apply throttle the keep the nose up on longer jumps, it seems to naturally want to nose down in the air and if you figure the CG of the bike it is nose heavy in teh air with you in ideal standing position.

Defiantly find a table top jump where the ramp is a good 4 to 6 foot face that lands on a flat platue at the same level as the top of the jump. This is the safest type of jump to go slow off of becuse you dont have to worry about flying down the 6 feet you went up. Then just use a stick or rock to spot your landings and keep moving it furhter out. It gives you an idea of what gear to be in and at what rpm you need to be at to clear what gaps.

Most 2 storkers when asked how do you hit that jump will reply in gears such as 2nd gear flat out, or third gear mid band. They are talking about what gear they are in and What RPM they use on the face of the ramp, remember 2 strok motor cross bikes are geared higher than our trail TTR and WR bikes on the lower gears so a KX 125s 2nd gear is like our 3rd gear. If I try to hit a jump flat out in 2nd compared to a CR 250 in Second I will not clear the same distance :). Good luck and be carefull, keep the nose up a bit and hit the ramp square and straight.

I didn't go through all of the responses, but I didn't see anything given for after you've mastered the little jumps and you want even more air. Throttle at the peak of take-off (or just before) is a big factor on how you will land. Say if you want to jump a road from ditch to ditch, just a for example, and you want to land going down the other side. I suggest trying this technique on something small at first then work your way up. But, right at take-off, front tire leaving the ground, back tire still in contact, let off on the throttle and "float" through the air. Front tire will start going down in the air, so make sure your speed matches the area you want to clear to match the down slope on the opposite side where your landing. Trial runs are a must to get a feel for the exact speed you'll need for the jump, we don't want anyone hurt or down for bike repairs, right? Once you master and feel confident with that you can move up to bigger and better jumps.

02 wr426, crap removed, gray wire snipped

96 klx650r

83 cj7 w/304

:) I went riding today :D. I had fun but I went to jump and I sat down. I jumped like maybe 6in. on the little track, but when I went on the big track not only did I fall but I sat down... Do you think that I'm scared??? I sat and watched some good/really good riders jump and ride... They were great... I saw how they took off and were not afraid. Next time I go I'll tell me dad to help me with the jumps and tape me riding.

I posted this on the YZ side and also wanted to thank the WR riders.

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