YZ/WR Seat

Hello everyone!

I'm looking for a better seat for my WR,I would prefer a full replacement instead of just a cover. Does the YZ seat fit the WR? I saw that Moose offers a full replacement seat, but cant get anymore info on it. I'm not to particular on manuf. just want something that will keep my butt from sliding when I have to sit. Any thoughts?

IMS 3.4 gal tank and YZ seat...BIG DIFFERENCE!

My dealer showed me a SDG seat, looked pretty good, But is it the best bang for the buck at about $100. Also does it have about as good a grip surface as the others? Mark

The YZ seat will not fit the WR unless you get a YZ style tank. Changing the bike to the YZ style seat and tank is one of the best mods you can do for your bike. It'll allow you to move further forward in orcer to better weight the front wheel. This will make the bike turn MUCH better.

If you need the capacity try a Clark, IMS, Acerebis or Ty davis tank. I think there are others. Or if you don't need the capacity, get a stocker from Clark or find a used tank.

To keep from sliding around, you might try Ceet for one of their Gripper seat covers. Or for complete seats IMS, SDG or Moose.


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