XR650L motard project

Hey guys, I've been searching for a dual sport for awhile and after searching all the forums I decided to get an XR650l. I really like what some of you have done to your bikes, battery relocation, tire swaps, suspension upgrades.

Anyways I got a hold of a 1993 XR650l with 5500 miles for 1800 and it's time to start the mods.

I need some input on how to do some of the mods I want to do.

First, I'm going to paint the frame silver or metallic gray (any thoughts)

Second, I'm going to relocate the battery and get an xr600 side plate

Third, I'm going to get the new Aloop conversion kit, (Are these any good)

Fourth, I'm going to some suspension work, for the rear I'm going to try and adapt a Honda VFR single side swing arm and tire for the rear, in the front I want to try and use CR500 forks and have the tubes shorten to match the rear end with a VFR rim. Or use the VFR forks, if not too short, (any suggestions)

I want to try and make a oil cooler out of the swing arm, I'm sure it's possible to run some oil lines.

I'm going to hold off on engine mods until I have the bike look the way I want it....




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