This guy does cry!

My bikes are gone. The guy picked them up this morning. It hasnt hit me yet that they really are gone! I still have the boat and do not plan to sell it but man this really sucks guys! When I get my accessories web site going, maybe my wife wont have to work anymore and I can still afford to get me a new WR450! Either way, I will be getting a new bike as soon as possible.

Now might be the right time to do some investing...

1. Invest time in the wife, and her being pregnant...

2. Invest time in painting the nursery - no-one says you can't make it look like a blue & white bike, the blue and white stripes and flashes from his bedroom wall will work subconciously... when he is old enough to get his first bike... Make some mobiles and stuff out of mini helmets and the like...

3. Invest some time in doing the boat over, ready for the next season...

Now, with all this investment, you should have no problems when it comes time to get your partners permission to buy that 2004 model bike, and get time off to ride it as well...

Good luck,



Dude, It will be alright, you can get another one did the right thing.


Dude I feel your pain. I had to sell my street bike in order to pay off some debt to get a new house. After the guy drove away with my bike in the back of his truck I went in the house and laid down on the bed. I have to admit I cried a little. Man I had invested so much time and energy into that bike. I guess I just had to let it out in order to be completely comfortable with the sale.

It's been about 4 months now, and we are getting ready to move into the new house. The wife knows how much I need a new bike, but has made it clear that we must first furnish the new house and decorate. This is because she knows that once I have the new wheels, I'll want every aftermarket part under the sun and eat up our spendable income every

P.S. I put my foot down on selling the dirtbike. Now way in H E double-hockey sticks...I'll work at McDonalds before I give up blue over money issues...He is all I have left in the whole wide world for stress relief... :)


Yea, it seems we cant just be happy having the bike. We have to constantly be doing and upgrading or it just feels stagnet. I would sit in the garage and look at the bike and envision things to do to it. Well the accessories web site is coming along now so hopefully we'll get that off the ground soon. Plus when the baby is born, my wife will be back to work when she is able. I plan to get the WR450 maybe next year. All in all, the Military doesnt pay too bad, dispite what people say. I am glad to be a part of it. :)

You just need to put a simple equation to them about stress relief options for you:

Plan 1 - 2003 model bike - $5,500 - plus accessories, say $1,500 - total of $7,000 - plus $20 per week to run it (oil, fuel, tyres etc) (beer from your own fridge is not factored in, it is counted as groceries!)

Plan 2 - You down the Hooters bar 5 nights a week, buying overpriced beers plus cab fare home plus tips (for the bartender and the girls) is about $80 per night, or $400 per week, or over $20,000 a year...

Now the bike is looking the most attractive proposition by a long shot because it is 1/3 the cost, doesn't have 'those' eyes, and your wife knows what you will be up to and where you are when you are out riding...

Now, what is the best stress relief option...? RIGHT, the bike... go visit your dealer today!




For every seller that cries there's usually a happy camper who just made the purchase.

I don't know but I'd guess your buyer bought the bikes for himself and his son or daughter.

He was probably more than happy to pay 4 large for a pair of bikes.

The TTR would of cost him 1800 to 2300. For the extra 2000 he picked himself up a nice bike in the process.

You should rejoice in his happiness.

You're back at square one and can pick any bike you choose since your no longer obligated to ignore the new ones because you had a perfectly good bike when they came out.

I wish I'd of found a deal like yours when I was looking for newer bikes for me and the kids.

Thanks. Even though I wont have a bike till next season, I will still stay informed. I miss it already. Man, It is getting cold already here in OKC. I imagine people here are having to bundle up to go riding. Once the wind hits ya, the cold is amplified.

Dude, you're making me feel bad!! Rest easy that you're babies are being well taken care of, they are both indoors with covers on them. These bikes are awesome, they were very well maintained. Thanks again for the bikes and everything else you through in. I wish you all the best with the new baby boy!! Hollar at me when you pickup that new WR450!!


Ah found Thumpertalk! This is an excellent place to get all the information you need about either of your bikes. Hey I forgot to give you that extra set of brake pads and spark plugs!!! I will mail them to you.

Another good thing as a direct result of selling your bike is a new TT member.

Welcome to the club slowcrow.

I'm sure your going to love the bikes.

This website is full of answers to your questions. If you can't find what you need in a search ask the crew.

Thanks for the welcome Huskyrider!! Diablo do you still want to get rid of those boots you offered me? Let me know!! Hopefully I'll get well soon and be able to enjoy the bikes!!

Hey Greg. I think I'll keep the old boots for next season. You probably wouldnt want them anyways...they are only 5 months old and they are falling apart. Oneal Elements are the cheapest around and not worth it at all. Hey, I do have the extra brake pads for you and the spark plug...ect. I lost your address though. Email it to me at and I will get them to you ASAP. You wont need brake pads for a while but it'll save you 30.00 when you do.

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