2002 carb vs 2001

What is the diffrents in carbs on the 426's from 2001 to 2002. They have diffrent part#???

I have a horable bog when you wack the throttle at any RPM. I am sick of going over the bars. My jetting is 45PJ and 145MJ I believe that the needle and the air jets are all stock. I have done the BK Mod and notived no diffents in bog. I can wack the throttle from any possition and it will bog and will not recover if I leave it open. HELP HELP

I suspect the only difference in the '02 carb is the accelerator pump diaphragm, but I'm not sure. The jetting was unchanged.

It sounds like you need to rejet your bike. Post your elevation/climate and try to be more descriptive of how your bike is running, i.e. at what rpm and throttle position are you having problems, and how does it run everywhere else, etc.

The stock pilot jet is a 42, stock main is a 162, how did you end up one size richer on pilot and six sizes leaner on the main? That strikes me as a bit schizophrenic...

Hope this helps.

Hick I ride the mountains of Colorado any where from 8-13 thousand feet in one day. I played around with the throtle at half then wacking it and it still bogs and won't recover.

Wow. I'm surprised it even RUNS with such a big pilot at that altitude.

Try a 38 pilot, and drop the needle (raise the clip) two spaces. Then get back to us.

Assuming you have uncorked the exhaust I also think you could benefit from another needle, but you should probably be talking to other TTalkers that ride at your elevation. Try a search on "Colorado Jetting" or make another post with that topic.

But I guarantee a 38 pilot and two clips leaner on the needle is a step in the right direction, and will make your bike run at least passably as well as teach you how a jetting change affects your bike.

Anybody who rides at altitude needs to know how to rejet, life is too short to ride a poorly running 426.


6K-10K ft...38PJ/65PAJ/EKP#3/152MJ/160MAJ

10K-13K ft...38PJ/65PAJ/EKQ#2/148MJ/160MAJ.

Now that things are a bit cooler, you might try to go up 1 step on the MJ's...to like a 155MJ and 150MJ respectively.


Sounds like the dealership convinced you to try a 45pj. They did the same thing to me. The 45pj is too rich, try a 38pj to start and order the needles (from the dealer, Sudco doesn't carry the EKQ or EKP) that Larry has listed.

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