One more yzf to wrf graphic question please!

OK, so I can't use YZF "Hot Wheels" graphics for my 07 WR450F. That sucks but I'll have to live with out them.

My question is, what about the "fork guard graphics?" Will the YZF('07?) fork guard graphics work on my 07 WR? My guess is that they are the same except for the two added bumps on the right fork guard (as sitting on the bike) that are to make room for the speedo cable. I don't have a YZF to compair with and as usual I can't find this kind of graphic for the newer WR.

One more, what about rear fender graphics? You think YZF rear fender graphic's will work. I have the same problem their also, no YZF to compair my WR with.

Boy, all I realy need to do is buy a new YZF so I can tell which parts will swap out. That's all the excuse I need but I know the wife will never buy that one.

Thanks, S/T.

I know this is way off, but with some trimming to clean it up, I was able to use 00 YZF graphics on my 00 WRF.

For the fork protectors - you should be able to use YZF graphics - all you'd need to do is to trim out where the cable mounts are.


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